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Famous Dave's Tanner Customer Testimonials

Below you will find some testimonials from our customers showing just how good Famous Dave's Tanner actually is.

I wanted to leave a comment. I just got my moisture tanner and have been using it for the past week. I am very happy with the results. I was so white I wasn't sure it would work on me, but the colour is natural, and looks very nice I am very happy.. all my friends go to the tanning salon, and when we are all 50 years old I will be the only one who doesnt look like a leather wallet! yes!!!!

I absolutely love your mist tanner. Your solution is sooo much better than the original solution that came with my airbrushing kit! I have gotten so many compliments about my tan & have even been told that I look sexy with a tan. Keep up the great work!


I love this stuff. This is the 3rd bottle I ordered.


I just wanted to let you know that I received my combo in yesterday's post. I have applied this stuff 2x since then. I look like I have spent the last 2 weeks in Hawaii - it's awesome. I have to admit that I was quite the skeptic when I first saw you, but I'm NOT one anymore. I have never used a fake tan, except for a terrible mistake on my feet last summer - LOL. But, I will tell you that I will be a customer for life. Not only does it give you a gorgeous brown-bronze-y type colour with little odour and very easy to apply; - but - it also makes my skin feel so conditioned and silky.

I am so thrilled!!...I received my order 3 days after placing it. I was in desperate need of it quick, too. No way would I buy anything else---it couldn't possibly be worth the gamble. I used Famous Dave's Tanner last summer for the first time, and found it to be remarkable.
Thanks, guys!


I just wanted to tell you how great your fake tan products are!! I have previously used your lotion, but I just treid the Spray Tan for the first time---FABULOUS!! I should mention that I bought a "Jat Tan" unit, which is essentially a home use rechargable airbrush. I never even tried their products, but with Mist Tan it's great!! Truly a salon-quality airbrush tan at home!! You should think about mentioning such a unit ( or developing one yourself) on your site, for all of the devoted self-tanners out there!
Thanks for all the great products!


I would just like to thank you for my order. It arrived today and that was very fast indeed.
I absolutely love this product and will always use it. Thanks again,

Donna M

Hi! Using this form to let you know that I got the Tanner & it was everything you said! I wanted to try it out before writing to you. I'm sitting at my computer looking verrry good! lol! I've left positive feedback for you. And I'll be back later, I'm sure, to pick up some more. Miles Of Smiles,


Dave, I have to admit, I already knew this fake tan was going to work, but I had no idea how fast and how well it worked. And for once I didnt smell like old coconuts!! Not very appealing. Thank you so much, if you ever need a spokes woman, just let me know. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!! Hawiian Tropic ain't got nothin' on you!!!!!

I wanted to tell you that I have an extremely pale skin type, and love your product! I saw the one customer who had concerns--I think that was an application issue--not a product issue. I had a couple of streaks that were clearly an issue of my application--not product! I lived in Florida for 8 years, and have a better tan after two applications of your product than I ever had while living in Tampa. Thank you!

Just want to let you know I got the tanner and scrub, I am a repeat customer for the tanner. Tried many kinds and being a light skinned strawberry blonde finding a natural color is difficult. This is the second summer I've been using your tanner and I constantly get comments on my fabulous tan. When I tell people it's fake they can't believe it since it looks so great. I especially love the fact that there is very little smell, the other tanners I tried left me covered in this awful smell that got on everything. Overall a great product. Love the scrub too the minty smell is so great in the shower. Thanks again, I'll be buying more soon. Your shipping is faster than fast!!

P.S. A spray on tan place just opened down the street from my house, but I have no need to even try it since it couldn't be as great as your lotion.

M.E. Lehn

i just have to update you on what ive found with your tanner.... first i did email you when i first tried it and LOVE it, its even, it tans behind your knees where other tanners dont!!! but now that i have been using it for a while i found that it improved my skin!!! im 45, i dont look my age
and i know that...people think that im my 23 year old sons girlfriend...but I can see the lines in my face....for some reason this stuff has improved the feel and look of my face!!! i also have your scrub, i bought the tanner and scrub as the combo...so i dont know which one i owe the thanks to. but the lines are so not noticable TO ME!!! and its not the tan covering it up either. (also your tanner does not settle in the creases) my most noticable thing is, in the center of my forehead i have a crease, from years of squinting i guess.... a very deep crease!!!! i can honestly say i cant notice it as much anymore...and that has always bothered me....so i just wanted to say thanks again, once for the great tan and second for the younger looking skin!!!


Hi! I received my purchase and it looks great! I have strawberry-blonde hair and usually turn orange because there is so much red in my (pale!) skin.


I just wanted to let you know that since I have been using this scrub my face has shown marked improvement in texture and clarity...this is the best product that I have used thus far for my face and body and I have recommended it to all of my friends and family... I am so glad that I got the three bottles -it is well worth it and such a great product, for such a low price. I have spent 1000's at beauty boutiques and at the dermatologist and have seen little to no result-sometimes it even made my face worse!!! I am just so grateful for your product...