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Famous Dave's Fake Tan Customer Reviews

Below you will find some of the 20,000+ testimonials from our customers showing just how good Famous Dave's Fake Tan actually is!

I received your fake tan product yesterday (which was Monday and I ordered it Friday which was lightening fast). The reason I'm writing this is to let you and potential customers (that are looking for a "better self-tanner") know that I have used it yesterday and again today and I'm BROWN, not orange!!! I was currently using a Bronzer from a leading department store that cost me around £25-£30 and it would tan me but would leave more of an orange glow than a brown glow and leave my shirts with a "orange ring around the collar". Your product after using it for 2 straight days, I am dark brown:<) Your product went right over the orange I had on and made me brown. I've tried them al l(over 20 different ones from the most expensive on down) and this is by far the Best. Thanks for a Great Product, I will be ordering more ASAP. Please feel free to let others read this and hopefully they will stop wasting their money on ORANGE tanners and buy your "BROWN" tanner. Sincerely,


This is some amazing stuff for the price. The tan looks so realistic!! Its almost a perfect tan after the second application, this is the absolute best tanner I have ever tried. No bad odour, not sticky and a brown look..I am truly amazed how white the liquid could turn out a golden tan like it did..I will use only your product ! I had doubt but truly surprised !!

Alan - Japan

Wow wow wow wow and WOW! This is the BEST self tan product. It truly works.. I am so satisfied. I can't get tan, I never have been able to so I'm always spending all this money buying Spray-on tan at the salon which is ALWAYS blotchy and ORANGE! I've paid well over $110 on commercial-advertised self tanning products and always have the same results.. orange blotchy skin! This truly truly works.. thank you soo incredibly much for these items.. you can count on me to buy so many more in the future.

I wanted to let you know me and my teenage daughter love your product. we are repeat buyers (about 4yrs now) and will continue to buy from you. I will admit we have tried new items out there and tossed them out. "nothing compares to your product." If you follow the direction it gives you an even tan and glow. no one has ever figured out that we use a tanner.

I use to work for a tanning salon, and after we went out of business, I became a slave to self tanners. Our beds were High Pressure UVA beds and gave such a great deep brown tan, no other beds did it for me. So, I have used many tanners, but. Yours is the BEST. Thankyou.


I received the product almost immediately and after one use, I can see that the color is very natural and not orange looking. Low odour- I will use again tonight. I am very pleased!!


I've tried EVERY sunless tanner available. Your product is the best! Perfect colour, easy to apply, dries fast and really is fragrance free. Thank you!!

I was at a party over the weekend and a friend had on your fake tan, it looked great and she said it was the best she had ever used! I am looking forward to getting it. Thanks,


I LOVE the colour that your product produces, people have told me it is like I have a JLO Glow!

Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful product. No "Oompa Loompa orange colouring!!!!!!!!!! I really received a realistic bronze color from this tan. Also thank you for your prompt shipment!! You will definitely hear from me again. Sincerely,


I love this product.....I have tried everything...Playboy included and this is the BEST ever!!! I got a natural vacation tan in ONE day. SO Awesome!!! Thank you very much.