Famous Dave's Fake Tan Reviews and Recommendations

Below you will find some of the 20,000+ testimonials from our customers showing just how good Famous Dave's Tanner actually is!

I have to tell you that I bought some last year and it was the best fake tan I've ever used, am buying some for myself and a friend. Thanks,


Must say I'm very impressed with the product. I'm a redhead and quite pale - it's certainly not orange, very natural looking.


I got my self tanners and must say delivery is super fast!!!! i'm impressed!!!!
i tried them and i honestly can say it's the best ever!!! i love it!!!! it's everything you said it was and more. i will definitely be coming back for more!!!! thank you so much for all your help, for a great product, fast shipment, and great service!!!!

I recieved the bottle I ordered the other day this a.m. I used it this morning and I love it! I'm ordering 2 more bottles for my friends to try (I'm sure they'll love it too). I know we'll be repeat customers. Thanks for offering such a wonderful product!


I love the Dave's famous self tanner... Just because its darker and more rich looking..Well thank's for your great product! i'll be making another purchase of your famous Dave's tanner. Soon.


Hi, Just to let you know how impressed I am with Famous Dave, from delivery to the actual product. I received my order within 48 hours, my daughter and I have both applied the Gold mousse and its second to none. I have used every fake tan you have ever heard of but Ill be sticking with this one. Many thanks.


Dear Famous Dave, I just felt I had to give you feedback- I am very pale skinned and have never been able to wear shorts or skirts in the summer as I am so pale and any fake tan I have tried has been so clearly false. I tried your Fair skin and face self-tanner 2 months ago, and it has changed my life in so many ways this summer! I can finally wear shorts and skirts as your product is so even and natural looking. Thank you SO much Kind regards


WOW. I virtually got darker every hour! Best there is. Scent free. BUY BUY BUY!

I love it, it's the best sunless tanner I've ever used, I'll be back for more.

I tried my lotion I got from you recently, it is the best I ever had, I'm so white like I don't tan. But after 1 time use, WOW I've got a tan to me. Nice colour, Thank you.

I purchased some moisture tanning lotion from you and it works great. i never thought i would see my pale skin tan thanx very much.

Ah, thanks much. By the way, people are telling me I look great, without knowing I'm using the tanner. Reminds of that Viagra commercial, "Hey Bob, lost weight? You been working out?" Hehe.
Thanks again,


Hello, I know you probably get a lot of testimonials, but I thought I'd throw in my two cents as well. I'm one of those kind of people who don't believe anything until I try it for myself, no matter how many positive testimonials there are. So needless to say when I received your product this morning, I was skeptical. But I decided to be daring and try it out, knowing that it was only a few hours away before I had to leave for work. What if I got to work and this tan developed into an orange, streaky mess? I would be horrified. But, to my relief, it had already started developing into a nice dark, even tan, and the best part was it was very discreet and not a drastic change. A couple of people commented on how radiant I was looking, but no one could quite put their finger on it. I plan on going a bit darker in the next few days, gradually! I just wanted to thank you for selling an awesome product!! I know I'll be back for more!! Sincerely,

Jennifer :)

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am after trying the Moisture Tan for the first time - really good informative website, easy ordering, really fast delivery - and the product is amazing! I have quite dry skin and also ride in competitive dressage and have found other tans go very patchy under my riding boots, but this has stayed really nice and even looking. No patches, the most natural colour I've found, no horrible smell and it doesn't come off on your clothes. It's also foolproof to apply and even wears off evenly when it's coming to the end. Really really impressed, and that's not something that happens very often. Big thank you, you've taken the hassle and tackiness of results out of fake tanning at home.