Hi Dave,
Thanks - as I said before, I am really most impressed with your self tanning products. I am a sun lover, and I live in Cyprus which enjoys a hot Mediterranean climate, and although my body goes a natural shade of brown, my face skin is very sensitive, and always goes red, which can actually be quite embarrassing at times - my dermatologist has said I simply need to live with it. I have tried MANY fake tan lotions on my face before to try to overcome this, but, they never mask the redness, or, they look orange .
I have now used yours for the last few days, and the colour change is fast and realistic - I am so pleased, as, it is simple to apply , goes on evenly, and leaves no smears. I can even put it on just before I go out, and, no-one would notice apart from commenting what a lovely tan I have.
I do not know yet how long the tan lasts, but, first signs are very encouraging. I look forward to trying the face scrub as well - that will be interesting. I am, quite happy for you to use this letter as a reference in your adverts if you wish. Regards,


I had to tell you how impressed I am with this tanner. I have been using self tanner for over 10 years and never have I come across a self tanner that not only has no odour, but actually gives me a beautiful tan without streaking, orange colour or a dirty muddy look. I was amazed when I woke up and looked in the mirror, it looked like I had been away on a tropical vacation!!! I will definitly be back for more!! Top Notch product.
Thank you!!


Love your tanning products. I've used fake tanning products, lotions, creams, & sprays for 8 years and your tanning mist is by far superior to any other self-tanning product on the market.

Just wanted to let you know that your fake tan is great. So great, that I sent some to a friend for a gift. Thanks.


Wow, and that's an understatement! I read the testimonials online and thought "this many people can't be wrong". Boy was I right! I still look at myself in the mirror and can't believe the beautiful tan I have from your product. No odour, no streaks, beautiful brown healthy tan. Since the doctor's found skin cancer on my face, laying out in the sun was out of the question this summer. I was horrified at the thought of being pale all summer. I had decided pants in 90 degree weather was going to be unbearable, but rather than show my ghostly white legs it was the only choice. Not anymore!! Now I have a gorgeous tan, better than any I ever got from hours in the sun. THANKS for making my "lifestyle adjustment" a walk in the park... THANKS AGAIN FOR A WONDERFUL SELF TANNING PRODUCT.

Hi, I ordered your product after reading all of the great reviews. I am a readhead with fair skin, and i've always been after a golden tan. I ordered your product on thurs. and it was here by sat. I used it last night,and I woke up with an amazing tan!!!!!! I love this!! It is without a doubt the best sunless tanner on the market. Plus it didn't smell at all!!!

Tried your fake tanning product 2 years ago and loved it!! Spent all summer trying to find something to comparable...I give up!! Please send immediately!!

Hi! Just had to say what a phenomenal product this is! It's everything you say it is and more!!!! Unbelievable results...no odour whatsoever, completely even and natural tan and no orange! I'm a forever customer - thanks so much!

Hello - I bought your product a couple of weeks ago and I LOVE IT.

This stuff is THE best self tanner ever! I have white, freckly, irish skin and this the the first self tanner I have ever used that makes me TAN. Not orange. AMAZING.

I first bought your tanning product one year ago.............it is the ONLY self tanner I can use on my legs that does not streak them!! I've tried them all, from cheap to very expensive and they all streak my legs, and some turn me green............yours does not do either of these.......I love it!

Hi there!
I just wanted to let you know that I feel that every bride-to-be should NOT pass on another great wedding day staple! I just cannot get enough of this product. So, please let those brides know how AWESOME this self-tanner is. I'd hate to see them miss out on something that will truly help them GLOW and SPARKLE as they walk the aisle! Not to mention how fabulous the wedding pictures will all turn out! My sister has been a user of your product for quite some time, as she cannot be out in the sun at all. Factoring in genetics... I chose to use self-tanners, which not only help to protect you from harmful UV rays...BUT, help us gals to keep as wrinkle free as possible! Well, I decided to give your product a trial run by borrowing my sister's. Despite her NATURAL looking RICH tan...I was STILL a sceptic. After all, what bride wants orange palms, streaks on her gown and amber fingernails after her French manicure?
WELL! To my WONDERFUL surprise (and delight)... this tanning product was INCREDIBLE!!!
Not only did I have a SUN-SATIONAL glow, but... no streaks, no orange affect, no horrific odours!!! The product didn't leave any sight of colour on my palms either (my sister's secret to insure that it doesn't is to wash thoroughly after applying the product with soap and water AND then follow-up with a damp cotton ball of rubbing alcohol)! I was DESPERATE to find this product. FINALLY... she gave up her secret and led me to your site! WHEWWWWWW! Just in time for my eloping too (this product works so fast I'm bound to go from pale and creamy to glowing and dreamy in no time at all...and NO honeymoon tan lines to worry about either) YAY!!!!! I advise all the brides-to-be (and the groom and wedding party too) to give this product a chance ... After all, the only thing that should be pale on your wedding day is the gown!


Hi there,
There is absolutely no odour in the product. That is one thing about it that I absolutely
love. Also, it lasts longer that any other tanning product that I have used, and believe me, I have used them all. I am very sun-damage conscience, but I like to stay tan and I really like your product. Thanks! =)

Heather C

Hi, The tanner arrived yesterday and I've already used it on my face with WONDERFUL results!!!!!!! =) It's not too oily at ALL and I'm thrilled with it!!

Kimberly :)

This is truely the best fake tan product that I've found! Thank you for making it available. Sincerely,


Better than could have imagined! Speedy! Thanks so much - will buy again!

This is the best self tanner I have ever used! Thanks for selling such a great product.

I just love,love, love your tanner!!!!!!!!!!!!