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Fake Tan Reviews - Famous Dave's Tanner

Below you will find some of the 20,000+ emails from our customers showing just how good Famous Dave's Tanners actually are!

Hi, I just wanted to write a quick note to say "WOW Famous Dave Spray Tan - Meduim to Dark is the best spray tan in the world. It is simply amazing and I love it!!!!


Dear Famous Dave

I am mailing from Phu Quoc beach just off Vietnam. I would like to say Thank you for making my holiday more of a pleasure by providing me with a fake tan (moisture tan) that doesn't 'fall off' in the sea.! I can be tanned & swim - Amazing!

Karen, London

Hi just to let you know i love your tanning lotion, i've spent a fortune trying all the others but this one gives a great natural colour and with two coats looks like i've just got back from holls!!!!!!!


Over the last few years I have tried pretty much every fake tan product available on the market, but have never been completely happy with the results. I have recently used the Famous Dave Tanning Cream and love the fact that it is extremely low and dries immediately, so no soiled clothes or sheets! It also gives a very natural colour with a long lasting effect that fades gradually without going patchy. I would never use another tanning product again! Thank you.


Everything on the website is true!! I love it. I have all my friends trying it too! No one can believe I haven't been in the sun. I was addicted the sun and I am only 32 and it is starting to show. My resolution is to stop, and now I can and still look great! Thank you so much Dave!

Sunny from Mississippi

I would just like to say what a fantastic product you have made Dave. For the first time in my life I am BROWN and not ORANGE. I can get dressed straight away and it goes on just like a lotion and does not smell. I would recommend this to anyone and will being buying lots more. Thankyou Dave,

Vicky, London



Used your products over the weekend and I must say I am very impressed! Add me to your happy customer list. Thanks,


Got 1st order yesterday (FAST delivery). This may be the perfect tanning product! No smell, dries almost instantly and a tan that looks natural!!!! I have used them all - this is definitely the best tanning product. Thanks

Hi, This is more of a comment than an enquiry. I oredered your Gold Edition Mousse last week it arrived, i've used it and would just like you to know it is the best fake tan i have ever used, it does everything it is advertised to do, no streaks, soaks in and dries fast and is a wonderful colour. I shall be educating all my friend about this product, thats it now, im a Famous Dave groupy! I shall never use another tan! Many Thanks

A Satisfied Customer

I ordered my Moisture Tan on Wednesday this week and it arrived the following day - thanks for your speedy delivery. I tried if last night and am nicely tanned today without the fake tan smell and my skin doesn't feel all dry. I noticed if went on nicely and dried quickly and didn't leave my skin sticky like all the other false tans. I'm very pale usually and the other tans make me orange - this one's made me tanned. Thanks very much.

Amanda, Oldham

Hi Just to say I love Famous Daves!I emailed you a bit ago asking if the tanner came off during excerise, well, it doesnt its great! thank you so much for giving me gorgeous tan even when I am sweating loads training! I am recommending it to all my mates and the girls in the office!


Hi, just to say how great your product is. I use the spray tan, light to medium, it's so easy to use, never a streak, a beautiful colour and very natural. I have used all sorts of other tanning products and this is without a doubt the best. I wouldn't use anything else now. Many thanks!!!


I just had to email you. I was very skeptical about your product. Even more so when I applied a test area and saw nothing. I am very fair, ivory skin tone, so I had major doubts. I applied the product again. Again, nothing. So I was getting really discouraged. I figured if I can't get a tan, at least I got a good moisturizer. So I applied it, and went to bed an hour later. When I awoke, I was shocked. I had the most natural tan I had ever seen. Not a harsh tan, and not even a tell tale mark. I could not believe my eyes. I may have been getting dressed to quickly to see a colour change the first 2 times. I can't wait to reapply. I will be back to reorder. No-one is getting that bottle while I'm at the beach!!


I want to thank you for this product. I am a skeptic but I thought I would try it. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It's everything you say it is. Your honesty is very much appreciated. Keep up the GREAT work.

Just wanted to say best ever tan. i am always complimented on my tan . questions such as 'where have i been?' fantastic tan !' etc etc i always reply Famous dave with the reply being 'what?' 'who?' have converted loads of friends to products . i will never change.