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Fake Tan Reviews & Recommendations

Below you will find some testimonials from our customers showing just how good Famous Dave's Fake Tanners actually are!

I just wanted to rave on your fake tanner!!!! It is fantastic! I have used all kinds of self tan lotions, sprays, etc.- all brands from inexpensive to expensive - this is BY FAR the best!! Finally fantastic colour without the work. I got so tired of self tanners with colours guides - great to help get them on but then what?? I had to get an extra set of sheets so as to not ruin my good sheets. I was so sick of it and felt hopeless to never find a great self tanner that did not have a colour guide. Well I am so happy to be wrong - your tanner has the best colour, goes on like a dream - NO SMELL!!! It is the simplest self tanner I have ever used. I wish I tried it years ago. Now self tanning is no longer a chore! I just bought a travel size one too so that I can bring it with me on vacation!! I will be a life long customer! Thanks Dave!


Hello Dave. I bought your self tanning products a few weeks back and just tried them last night on my arms just so I could see how the product worked for me. It’s everything that you and your customers have been saying. I'm in my 40's and been a lover of the tanning booth since I started in my 20's. I realized this year that I needed to stop destroying my skin with the tanning beds I was noticing my skin was getting dyer and the signs of wrinkles were appearing. I saying to myself and stressing wondering what I was going to do to still get that tanned look without the sun or tanning booth. I’ve tried other self tanners is the past and never liked any of them. They all made you look orange and fake and the smell was worse than the results. I was worried I would get the same results with your product, but I was completely wrong and surprised. There is barely a smell at all, only when applying but gone afterwards and you don’t end up smelling yourself all day long like the other products. When I woke up in the morning I could see a natural light brown colour and NOT ORANGE! I think I have found my new best friend. I’m looking forward to trying it on my legs. I will buy this product again and tell all my friends about it. Thank you for creating a great product.

I am fair skinned and bought Famous Dave's tanner for fair skin. DON'T buy this product if you want: a tacky orange/walnut brown hue. a WAG style streaky two tone mess. ruined clothes/bed sheets stinky skin. DO buy this product if you want: a natural looking colour streak free colour stain free clothes/bed linen fragrance free skin. Being pale skinned I was dubious about parting with yet again more cash for a fake tan product that claimed to be specifically designed for fair skin. I have previously tried others that claim to give 'a natural looking colour' but still found them too orangey, smelly, and streaky. Finally!!! a fake tan to beat all others. I was overjoyed with the result of this product. It's difficult to explain but the thing is I don't look like I have fake tan I just look like I have an extemely healthy colour. As far a I'm concerned this product is well worth the money. As well as the fantastic colour the other great thing about it is is fragrance free and there's not a streak in sight if applied as per directions.

Just received my product yesterday. Fast!!! The moisture tan is fabulous!!! Doesn't streak and looks natural. I will be definitely ordering more!!! Thanks!


I just want you to know that I LOVE this self tanner. I have used many others including the really expensive ones, and the thing I hate the most is the smell. Famous Dave's has a very low odour. I also love the natural tan look I get from his product. I am a very fair skinned blonde, and always hated the streaky, orange look on my skin, clothes and sheets. I can dress a few minutes after applying Famous Dave's, and not have it wear off on my clothes or furniture.... I even had my mom try it, and she is a fair skinned redhead with freckles..it looked very natural on her as well. Thanks for offering a product that does what it says it will do. I am so glad I don't have to go to a tanning bed anymore. Sincerely,

Christina M.

I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE Famous Dave's fake tan. I have had 3 pre-melanomas removed, so "sun" tanning is NOT an option. I am very fair and the colour of your self tanning lotion is perfect. But the best features are: that it dries quick and is absolutely not sticky & has virtually no smell! Fabulous!!! Many thanks!


I've been using self tanners for over 20 years. Some work great, some suck. The biggest problem is the "orange glow" most provide. After a week at a t ropical resort with daily applications, my wife finally says, "please don't use any more of the self-tanner, you are orange!"
Now I have found the true solution. The moisture product goes on smooth, and within a few hours I have a BROWN tan, not orange. I have red hair and freckles, but your product blends my skin an evenly bronze colour year round. You can darken up as much as you want with repeated applications or you can go light and get a slight tan in a single application. It lasts for about five days (with showering!). It turns skin as dark as you want with repeated and regular applications and even turns lighter features (e.g. moles, nipples, etc) a brown color for a more mainstream and sexy effect. Please keep making this product, it is wonderful! :-)


Hi! I hope this is the place to leave feedback. I have placed a second order with you because I am AMAZED at how well your self tanner works! I can't tell you how many people thought I had been away to some far off island on holiday. You can only imagine the look on their faces when I told them it was a self tanner. No orange colour, no streaks, no smell. Since the tanning effect was very deep, I am now ordering your product for fair skinned people. Am hoping it will not be too dark, just a nice golden glow for the cooler months. Thank you for such a wonderful product. I will be using it for years to come.


Hi Dave,
I am bone white and covered in freckles and age spots. But your Fair Skin and Face product is my salvation. Just ordered more. I've been self-tanning since 1983 and can't believe I've finally found a product that is the perfect colour for me, has no smell and doesn't transfer. It will now be an essential part of my cosmetics all year round. Thank you, Dave.

Bonnie L

I started using famous daves moisture tan last year and loved it. have used most of the good brands this is the best. thought i would try the new spray tan and this is the most natural tanner i have ever used. a fantastic product. the guide colour makes application so easy and the colour is so natural and even no one will know you are wearing fake tan. try it you wont be disappointed.

It is a bronze tan I crave, who else can I turn to but famous Dave. As a repeat customer and biggest fan, so i'll have that golden tan. You know why your'e all the rave. Your'e the one and only famous Dave. Jen a repeat, repeat , repeat, customer

Jennifer K

Love this product which is by far the best fake tan cream I have ever used and I've tried a few over the last 20 years! Famous Dave's moisture tan went on smoothly with no smell and it dried really quickly. The colour is so natural and lasted for 1-2 weeks. Just about to place my second order!




I just wanted to say how fantastic Famous Dave's moisture tan is. I have tried various other fake tans including one of the leading brands on the market and i can honestly say this has been by far the best. It does not streak, smell or rub off on my nice white sheets. Many thanks and keep up the good work.


I have recieved my moisture tan and I am very pleased with it. It dries very fast and the colour is lovely and natural. I am going to a wedding tomorrow and am very pleased with my colour. I will be ordering again very soon. Thank you.


hello, like all the other customer's comments, i just want to say how bloomin' great this fake tan is! it makes me feel so confident and look gorgeous when i use it. i've recomended it to friends and colleagues because it is the best out there! it's excellent!

katie x