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Famous Dave Product Reviews

Below you will find some product reviews from our customers showing how good Famous Dave's Tanning products actually are!

Dave, I had to write after receiving my first bottle of "Fair skin and face" today. I had read all the testimonials beforehand and to be honest I thought "this stuff must be quite good" but all this seems a bit over the top......I WAS COMPLETELY WRONG !! I picked up your package from the local mail depot today on my way to work, as I was running late. When I got to the office I decided what the hell..I'll put this whole deal to the test and off I went to the staff toilet wearing my suit and a WHITE SHIRT (with bottle in pocket). Quickly applied the cream which just magically disappeared...not the usual sticky, smelly goo that takes 20 mins to just get to the tacky stage.... Amazingly by the time I was ready to put my shirt back on everything was completely dry, no greasiness...nothing and even more amazingly NO SMELL AT ALL......I expected SOMETHING....a hint, a whiff but there was literally nothing. I was able to walk straight back into the office unnoticed. Now I'm just waiting for the results to appear....I will keep you posted..


I made my first purchase of Famous Dave's fake tan about 2 months ago. Yesterday I ordered 2 more bottles. THEY ARRIVED TODAY! What great service and what a great great product, thank you.


Brilliant product, does exactly what it says, and is the only fake tan that does not bring me out in an allergic rash - no perfume!! Excellent!


Hi Famous Dave, wow fast delivery thanks!!!!! just to say thanks again famous daves tanner is still the best tan i love it !!!!! i ordered 2 bottles this time so that i dont run out too quickly!!!!!!! everyone thinks the tan is natural!!!!!! Thank you very much :)


This is the best fake tan EVER. It's as easy to use as applying a moisturiser, no smell and no streaks. BRILLIANT!!


Hello there Just wanted to say what a fab tanner, I have used everything out there on the market and never been happy with any of them!! I love Dave though - great colour, no smell, no irritations, no streaks!! just so easy to put on and a guaranteed fab tan. Many thanks


I just wanted to let you know that your self tanner gives the most natural tan than any other sunless tanner I have tried. It also is the least smelling of the typical self tanners. I love how it dries so fast. I am very happy to have found a good self tanner. Thank You.


I have just purchased the bundle of scrub face and light tan and moisture tan and I really felt I had to write and say IT IS EXCELLENT having never used fake tan before I am over the moon with the results no streaking and the colour is excellent THANK YOU I will definately be reordering.


I have bought several of the moisture tan for my daughter and myself. When I bought her the first bottle of it and she had used it all, she called me and asked me to order her another one. She said that it gave her the most natural tan ever and that she had gotten quite a lot of compliments. She used to be a believer in tanning beds but no more, thank goodness. For myself, I do love the moisture tan but also bought a bottle of the spray tan. I put it in a small spray bottle of my own and now I alternate the two using one then the other every day or so. I love the even look that both of them give me but the spray tan gives me a darker look that looks very natural. Thanks for the great product.

Carol D.