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Famous Dave Self Tanner Reviews

Below you will find some reviews from our customers showing just how good Famous Dave's Self Tanner is.

I just placed my second order of your fake tan. This time, three bottles. I have never written a communication like this, but I wanted to tell you that the Famous Dave's Tanner is the absolute best I've used.

I read your testimonials prior to my first order, and frankly, it sounded great. However, my personal experience with every type of self-tanner available by over-the-counter purchase made me slightly skeptical about one or two of the letters. So, let me give you my observations.

1. This tanner does not transfer colour (or discolour) white clothing or sheets. When I use it, I doesn't end up with an orange tinge on my white terry robe, or on my white bedding (after sleeping in tanner but before morning shower).

2. The colour is not orange. This is true - it is a natural brown. I tried to do further web research on the whole "ph" thing you mention, wasn't able to verify, but it must be true because this product does NOT TURN ORANGE on my skin!

3. There is ZERO greasy residue after application. How this product is formulated to completely (and I do mean completely) soak into skin is a mystery - and just one more way in which the product differs from any other tanner I've purchased and used. Perhaps this is also why is does not discolour other materials after application.

4. The product does not streak. Maybe this is also due to the fact that it soaks completely into my skin.

5. The tanner washes off of my hands very easily. I haven't had any problems with orange palms, cuticles, finger or toe nails. When I'm done washing my hands after application, I just use a make-up sponge to re-apply product on the only tops of my hands & fingers so that everything matches.

What can I say, this really is a great fake tan product - and I will continue to purchase it.


Hi there! I just bought a bottle a few weeks ago and am totally in love with it! I am usually so white and I have tried pretty much everything on the market, even super expensive ones and this is by far the best! I am so pleased! I am telling everyone about it and I am wondering if it is possible to order a case, 12 or 24 bottles. Everyone I let try it wants it now! So, I would love to order a box to give as gifts after the holidays. Here in Vancouver, Canada, January is when we are all white, no tans!! haha. So, I thought it would be perfect. Please let me know if this is possible and I look forward to hearing from you!


I must tell you that this is the first time EVER that I can let a self-tanner dry and not worry about staining my clothes. I also do not smell like a donkey's butt. Bravo, Famous Dave - this stuff is like gold. I have tried ALLLLLL of them including "hand airbrushed tans" - this lasts longer by far - I am amazed that a week later I still have colour. I cannot think of a better product for self-tanning - so I will be reordering when my 3 bottles are close to empty.

Just wanted to let you know that I received it and it's wonderful! I admit that I was unsure about it at first - I was looking online for a less expensive alternative to the lancome product I've been using. I love the moisture tan - it has no odour or greasiness liike other products I've used. Thanks again - I will be back for more when this one runs out! Sincerely,


I just wanted to say, I received my moisture tan on Thursday (2 days after placing order!) and applied it on Friday night. I have to say it is THE best fake tan I have EVER had. And believe me, I have tried them all! It was a very different texture to any other one I've tried - much thicker and I needed less than I would normally use. It dried quickly once applied, and wasn't sticky at all. It did have a very faint "fake tan" smell on me though after a couple of hours, but MUCH fainter than any other tan I've tried. When I got up the next morning, I was a lovely shade of brown. Not yellow/orange but a very natural looking bronze with no streaks. I will definitely be ordering more when this bottle is done and I'd recommend it to anyone who hasn't tried it yet! You won't be disappointed!


I gave a little bit (I don’t part with my tanning gold very easily) to my mother who will probably be ordering directly from you. I had it on the day I visited her, and showed her my white tee-shirt (and bra) which I would have never worn while wearing a self-tanner; needless to say – she was impressed. I will spread the word to some of my co-workers (mostly nurses and legal nurse consultants) of your product. Us women are always looking for a great self-tanner and yours has only positive benefits; unbelievable that all of my complaints of self tanners in general DO NOT apply to yours. I don’t ever need to be stinky again to get a tan!!!!


The tanning was great. Gave nice and natural tan. We had tried out some others, but some came out a bit orange. So far,i think yours are the best we tried out. And it smells like sun oil, and thats fine too. We may come back for more when we get short of it. Have a nice day.

Stig, Norway!