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The following self tan formulations are no longer available under the Famous Dave brand. They have been re-launched and are now exclusively available under the new brand For All My Eternity -

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I have tried so many self tanners over the years and I had never found one that I love like Famous Dave's. There is no smell and the colour is great not fake!! I recommend it to all of my friends.


I just wanted to write and tell you that your product is the absolute best I have ever used!! I have a bathroom full of self tanners and I am going to junk them all. Your self tanner is the only one that works for me. I have light blonde hair and very fair skin, and it works perfectly for my colouring!! I cannot thank you enough for your great product. Now, I don't have to spend the summer months looking very pale and embarrased because all the others I have tried have left me splotchy, orange coloured, and a mess!! I will continue to purchase your self tanner, as even my husband noticed that my tan looked very natural and agreed that I should continue to use it!! Again, thanks so much and I love the great exfoliator and tanning lotion!
Keep up the good work!! Best regards


I'm about to run out of the first order I bought a month and half ago and had to buy a second one. This stuff is the best sunless tanning lotion I have ever bought. THANKS,


The most amazing fake tan i have ever used and I am 33!! thank you for excellent service and excellent product.


Just wanted to say what a fabulous self tanning product this is and how delighted i am to have finally found a tan that works doesn't smell and looks so natural, i have been trying different tans for about 10 years, which some have cost a fortune, but this one is far the best, thankyou i have finally bought a tan that i can put on and forget about it cause there is no streaks or orange patches will be definitely buying again very soon and will be recommending this to all family and friends thanks again


I bought your product based on reading the testimonials. They were 100% correct. It is the best fake tan I've ever used and will continue to do so. I've just placed my second order. Thanks so much.

I had to contact you as this is THE best tanner i have ever used. Put on last night and the guide colour was so good that i just buffed with a face cloth and went out to dinner, would never have ventured out with any other tan system. Washed the guide off this morning and the colour is beautiful. Cant wait to tell everyone what a great product Famous Dave's is. LOVE IT!!!!!


I am so happy! I have to tell you, I really did not believe your "claim" at first, but I thought I will try it. I have Scandinavian heritage and am very fair. I am not going to ruin my skin by baking in the sun, but I long for a tan. So anyway, I tried your stuff, it works the best of anything I have ever tried. The thing I like best is the smell does not stink and what odor it does have, it fades super quick. What I do, is apply it with gloves, and it comes out the best. THANKS AGAIN DAVE!


Just wanted to let you know I received the sunless tanning lotion on Friday. I've already tried it, and I love it -- it's everything I ever wanted in a sunless tanning product -- fast drying, no streaking, natural colour, and no smell. Even the best-smelling products tend to get kind of "funky" after awhile, but I can wear this all day long with no problem, and it doesn't affect my colognes or other perfumed lotions. I also like the fact like a little goes a long way, so this one bottle will last me for quite a while! I will be sure to contact you for re-orders in the future --your product is worth every penny! Sincerely,


I just had to write to tell you how much I love your Moisture Tan. I've been self tanning for about 15 years and have tried every product on the market - creams, lotions, sprays, and tanning towels. Many left me orange, streaky, dry looking skin, and most of all...the horrible smell that would linger even after a shower. Your product dries almost instantly, you need very little, there is absolutely no streaking, skin is not dry, and best of all, NO smell. I LOVE it and am ready to place another order.

Hi! I bought this product from you before. I can say after using too many to mention "sunless tanners", I love your product. The best part is no odour!!! I could hardly sleep at night smelling the other stuff. Yours goes on like a lotion and instantly it disappears. I love it. I would recommend and have by private emails your product. I love it!! Thanks from someone who cannot go in the sun because instead of a tan I get a burn!!

Serena T

I just wanted to say that i have used fake tanning products for over 8 yrs from St Tropez, Fake Bake, and Clarins from mousses to lotions and gels and yours is by far the best! i have only tried your gradual 10 so far and love it! i have now ordered my second bottle of this and a moisture tan. I can not wait for them to arrive and try the new one :) thank you so much these products really are the best! no orange hands or streaks, just AMAZING!


Hi! I ordered your self tanning product, and I received them in the mail yesterday. Only two days! Not only am I stunned by the delivery, but this is honestly the best taning product I have EVER used. Growing up, I have always had a very pale complexion. My nickname was actually Snow White as a teenager... in fact, some departmet stores don't even carry a foundation product light enough for my skin. Tanning in the sun has only given me a burn every time. Tanning in the tanning beds would turn my skin red; the cleaner used to wipe down the beds after each use would make my skin, being so sensitive, break out into a rash. Not to mention tanning under the sun or in a tanning bed is terrible for your skin. My two best friends recieved Botox injections yesterday. They're both 22. They've laid in tanning beds since their teenage years, and they look over 15 years older. Gorgeous and wealthy, yet they look 40! My skin is always dry, and I've been the spray tan route. I've been to over 11(!) salons, and I've done the Magic Tan booth twice. Each time my skin would be left blotchy, uneven, and orange. And tanning lotions... I've tried it ALL. I've used all the department store products, and almost every drugstore product. I finally stopped counting after I threw away my 34th bottle and simply gave up. For the past few years I've completely thrown away the idea of having a great tan. In fact, I've never had one of those golden, sought-after tans that you see on all the models every summer. Never. As in, never in my entire life, never. So when I saw your site I was completely skeptical. Actually, I saw it last summer, but I never ordered it until the other day on a whim. I had feelings that it wouldn't work simply because nothing ever has. I used it last night... and it's fantastic! I ACTUALLY have a brilliant tan! I went on my morning run today, and two people asked if I had gone on vacation somewhere! I'm the girl who goes on vacation in South Beach, Miami for two weeks and comes back the looking like I'd been under an umbrella! So when they said this I was thrilled! When I went to the market, a friend I haven't seen in years said I had a "brazilian glow." This is by far the BEST tanning product I have ever used. No smell. No dryness. No orange. No streaks. No blotches. Nothing but a bronze tan! I am just so happy I found your fake tan, and I will be ordering from you again. Thank You!


Hey guys, I just wanted to thank you for giving the world this fake tan. St. Tropez and Fake Bake have NOTHING on you. It gives a nice golden tan, dries quickly, doesn't streak and doesn't smell bad. Suffice to say, I won't be buying any other brand again <3