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Famous Dave's Self Tan Wipes Multibuy

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Famous Dave's Self Tan Wipe

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The Ultimate in Self Tan Wipes

"The idea of a tan in a packet is surely too tempting for any fake tan fan, right? These Self Tan Wipes are certainly perfect for tanning on the go – in one quick swipe they'll leave you with a warm golden glow and minimal mess. Free from parabens, toxins and with no nasty biscuity smell, this self-tan dries quickly and develops even faster. We'll certainly be packing these in our festival bags!"



These Self Tan Wipes are the ultimate self tan accessory for busy beauties constantly on the go. Available in a handy 5-pack, our self tanning wipes fit easily into any bag to help ensure you need never go without a tan. Quick and easy to use, simply glide a single self tan wipe over the skin and let the natural colour develop in just 3-4 hours – perfect for anyone needing a last-minute tan.

Unlike many other wipes on the market, these wipes work with your skin tones to give you a colour similar to how you would naturally tan in the sun. Long-lasting and naturally fading, our wipes offer you a natural colour that lasts up to seven days per application – perfect for use both at home or whilst on your holidays.

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"The Easy Peasy Tan. You can never guarantee the sun on holiday, but you can always fake a tan. Of course, the classic in-a-bottle formula tends to leave most of us browned off in the wrong way - it's sticky, it's streaky, it skinks and it's liable to leak all over your white D&G evening wear. Luckily, there's a new solution: stash a pack of Famous Dave's self tan wipes in your luggage. Tear it open on arrival, smear it on and in just three to four hours, you'll be looking golden brown - whatever the weather."