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Tanning Mousse - Original Edition

Getting a totally natural-looking self tan has never been easier! Tanning Mousse glides on effortlessly to deliver an instant, streak-free tan that lasts longer and fades evenly - just like a real tan. Formulated with natural ingredients, our tanning mousse also cares for your skin whilst giving you a healthy glow. Loved by top beauty editors and a huge hit with our customers, Tanning Mousse is the first choice for those looking to get that natural sun-kissed look with zero fuss.

Tanning Mousse - Gold Edition

A more luxurious and refined version of the best-selling Original Tanning Mousse - Tanning Mousse Gold Edition sets the bar even higher as a leading self tan mousse that delivers flawless and natural-looking results with ease every time. Tanning Mousse Gold Edition delivers the signature all-natural colour as offered by the Original Tanning Mousse, but cares for your skin even more with added pomegranate extract and antioxidants. Gold Edition Tanning Mousse is also fragrance-free, making it suitable for those with fragrance allergies.