Famous Dave's Moisture Tan Travel Size - RRP £14.99

Professional Tanning Lotion - when it's gone it's gone!


Famous Dave's Moisture Tan

Handy Travel Size Self Tanning Lotion

Want to give Famous Dave's Moisture Tan a try but not ready to buy a full-size bottle? We now offer this handy trial size, which is also great for travelling when space is limited but you still want to maintain your healthy glow.


Famous Dave's Moisture Tan

  • Creates a light, golden tan without the need for age-robbing sun or tanning bed exposure
  • While developing into a natural looking glow, bathes your skin in the rich emollients of Aloe Vera, Sesame, and Jojoba; which soften and add healthy moisture.
  • Dries to the touch almost immediately as it is applied to the skin
  • Does not rub out on sheets or clothing
  • Does not come out in the pool or salt water
  • Fragrance-free creamy, white lotion which is easy to distribute evenly on your body
  • Complements your existing tan by deepening and evening out your skin tones
  • Can be used all year round to give the most natural looking tan you will ever have from a bottle!


The Truth About Self Tanning

Why most self tanners do not work

Many self tanners on the market have at least one of these ingredients: Stearic Acid, Triethanolamine, and/or Mineral Oil. All these ingredients have pH levels of over 6. What does this mean? The COLOUR ORANGE! Not quite what you had in mind for a natural looking tan. Famous Dave's Moisture Tan does not contain any of these ingredients.

Works great on Women and Men

Famous Dave's Moisture Tan is also fragrance free. Added fragrance amplifies the odour of DHA. Being fragrance free minimises the smell on your skin, clothes, and in your bed! And because Famous Dave's Moisture Tan is loaded with natural lubricants and moisturisers, you will experience smooth, even rub in. Especially right after a shower.

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