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Famous Dave's Moisture Tan

236ml (2x 118ml Bottles)


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Easy to apply non-sticky self tanning lotions

These self tan lotions are made using the very finest ingredients. The result is a self tan that uniquely works with your individual skin tones to give you a colour similar to how you would naturally tan in the sun. These lotions are non-sticky, non-greasy, and fast-drying, meaning you can get dressed almost instantly after applying the product. Many of our customers and beauty editors also report that there is no smell, or minimal smell, whilst the tan is developing.

Available in a variety of shades for all skin tones, designed to give you a natural sunkissed look. These tanning lotions sit at the lighter end of the colour range and have been formulated to give just the right amount of colour – like you’ve just caught some sun.

Gradual 10 - no longer available under the Famous Dave brand. It has now been re-launched under a new brand, please visit to buy.

Fair Skin and Face Tanner is the lightest product, a white creamy lotion designed for people who have very pale skin tones and just want a light hint of colour. If you have fair sking and are experimenting with fake tan for the first time and don't want to go too dark, this self tan lotion is the ideal product to start with.

Moisture Tan comes as a white creamy lotion loaded with jojoba and aloe vera, and is designed to work with your own skin tones to deliver a gorgeous sun-kissed look every time. Easy to use, minimal smell, long-lasting, and a natural colour.

Moisture Tan Dark with Bronzer is a darker version of Moisture Tan. A dark creamy lotion with added bronzer to help with application, this lotion is great for a slightly deeper tan that goes on just as easily as our other self tan lotions, looks totally natural and lasts up to 7 days per application.