Famous Dave's Moisture Tan and Spray Tan Multibuy

236ml Professional Self Tan Lotion & 250ml Self Tanning Spray. RRP £55.98


Famous Dave's Moisture Tan Lotion 236ml

  • Creates a golden tan without the need for age-robbing sun or tanning bed exposure
  • While developing into a natural looking bronze glow, bathes your skin in the rich emollients of Aloe Vera, Sesame, and Jojoba; which soften and add healthy moisture
  • Dries to the touch almost immediately as it is applied to the skin
  • Does not rub out on sheets or clothing
  • Uniquely virtually odour free
  • Creamy lotion which is easy to distribute evenly on your body
  • Can be used all year round to give the most natural looking tan you will ever have from a bottle!


Famous Dave's Spray Tan 250ml

Light to Medium Self Tanning Spray

Famous Dave's Spray Tan for light to medium skin tones is a fragrance-free, alcohol-free and paraben-free professional tanning formula as found in the salons, designed to give you a totally natural-looking salon-quality tan in the comfort of your own home.

Developed using a blend of natural ingredients including moisturisers, tan enhancers and skin smoothers, our natural tanning spray gives you an instant, streak-free and non-sticky tan that lasts up to 7 days depending on your skin type.

By now, you've probably seen on TV or heard from your friends about the latest craze in safe UV-free tanning called spray or mist tanning. Why visit a tanning salon and pay over the odds for a spray tanning session when you can get the same high-quality tanned look yourself at home many times over with a bottle of our long-lasting Spray Tan!


Get Our Tanning Mitt & Make Applying The Lotion and Spray a Breeze!