Moisture Tan and Fair Skin & Face Multibuy

Famous Dave's Moisture Tan Lotion 236ml

  • Creates a light, golden tan without the need for age-robbing sun or tanning bed
  • Whilst developing into a natural looking bronze glow, bathes your skin in the rich emollients of Aloe Vera, Sesame, and Jojoba, which soften and add healthy moisture
  • Dries to the touch almost immediately as it is applied to the skin
  • Does not rub out on sheets or clothing
  • Fragrence-free and uniquely virtually odour free
  • Creamy lotion which is quick and easy to distribute evenly on your body
  • Can be used all year round to give the most natural looking tan you will ever have from a bottle!


Buy a Tanning Mitt & Make Applying The Lotion a Breeze!

Famous Dave's Fair Skin & Face Tanner 236ml

This self tanning lotion is specifically designed for use on the face and lighter-skinned individuals. Lighter skin tones of all varieties will enjoy how Fair Skin & Face evens out and gradually deepens your skin tones. Fair Skin & Face develops more subtly.

Famous Dave's Fair Skin and Face Tanner is also fragrance free. Added fragrance amplifies the odour of DHA. Being fragrance free minimises the smell on your skin, clothes, and in your bed! And because Famous Dave's Fair Skin Face Tanner is loaded with natural lubricants and moisturisers, you will experience smooth, even rub in. Especially right after a shower.