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Pre-Tan Exfoliating Shower Gels

Made using a special blend of the finest ingredients and natural exfoliators including Ground Walnut Husks. These Body Scrubs work by gently smoothing and exfoliating your skin's surface, helping to release dead cell build-up and pore-blocking impurities, giving your skin the perfect preparation it needs for self tanning.

Formulated to work great with all skin types and can be used every day on your face and body to help ensure your self tan wears evenly and naturally. Exfoliating prior to self tanning is the perfect way to ensure your fake tan lasts longer - by exfoliating thoroughly prior to tanning you are ensuring that the self tanner is going onto a fresh new layer of skin, this means your self tanner will apply more evenly & smoothly. Exfoliating prior to self tanning also helps to ensure that your tan fades evenly too as your skin naturally renews itself.

Suitable for use with all self tans.