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The following self tan formulations are no longer available under the Famous Dave brand. They have been re-launched and are now exclusively available under the new brand For All My Eternity -

Tanning Mousse

Tanning Mousse Gold Edition
Gradual 10
Tan & Tone
Spray Tan
Fast Tan
Body Buffer
Sculpt & Smooth






Fake Tanners on Trial: Tanning Mousse

"Best for instant colour with minimal mess."

"This tanning mousse is really easy to apply and goes on dark brown so you can see exactly where you are putting it. When I had a shower the next day I was left with a nice natural golden tan which was impressive. It absorbed quickly and actually has a nice scent, not biscuity like some other self tanners. I would highly recommend this product."


Tried & Tested: Spray Tan salon treatment
BEST FOR: A chic mid-tone colour in a semi-matte finish, this spray-and-go tan dries instantly, so you can go straight to work or hit the town.

OUR TESTER SAYS: "I chose New York,the lightest tan on offer. My friends told me that the colour was even and natural. It also faded slowly, maintaining a nice, even colour to the end. I'd definitely have this tan again."
Score: 5/5


Tried & Tested: Tanning Mousse Gold Edition
"I can honestly say this is the best self-tanning product I have ever used! I was amazed at how easily it went on - drying instantly, so I could get dressed straight away. It developed very quickly, giving me an amazing natural golden tan, and there were no orange or streaky signs. I'll be buying this again - it's well worth the money."
Score: 10/10



Most wanted tanners:

Tanning Mousse Gold Edition
Mistake-proof instant mousse. This one is free from all skin villains - a great choice for sensitive skin - and contains skin-protecting vitamins A and E. The colour appears instantly, so you can see where you've made a mistake, it develops deeply after three hours, and lasts for up to seven days."



"Use a gradual tanner to gently bring your body skin tone into spring: we like the subtle effects from Gradual 10, infused with hydrating natural oils, aloe vera and cocoa butter."



Famous Dave's Moisture Tan: "Funky, fast and fragrance-free."



Tans with a Twist: Gradual 10
"The thick cream smells more like a rich moisturiser than a fake tan and it rubs easily into the skin, which looks a smooth brown colour after a few hours and feels wonderfully silky."


20 Best new anti-ageing beauty buys:

Tan & Tone
"This lightweight tanner contains plant extracts to improve skin texture." 



4 of The Best Toning Creams: Sculpt & Smooth
"Use this on legs, arms, bums and tums and its blend of hard-working antioxidants improve skin tone and texture while firming wobbly bits. It'll improve lymphatic drainage too - in other words the results are long term."




"Tanning Mousse Gold Edition is beauty editors' best kept secret."



Tanning Mousse
"This is the best fake tan I have ever tried. It's easy to apply, creates a Tango-free bronzed hue and lasts for days and days. I won't even consider putting my pasty pins on show without a layer of this!' Suzannah Ramsdale, online features editor


Top 10 Fake Tans - Famous Dave's Self Tan Wipes

"The idea of a tan in a packet is surely too tempting for any fake tan fan, right? Famous Dave's Self Tan Wipes are certainly perfect for tanning on the go – in one quick swipe they'll leave you with a warm golden glow and minimal mess. Free from parabens, toxins and with no nasty biscuity smell, this self-tan dries quickly and develops even faster. We'll certainly be packing these in our festival bags. Cheers, Dave!"



Bella's Favourite Things: Famous Dave's Self Tan Wipes



"This summer's best tanning products"- Tan & Tone
"This figure enhancing bronzer not only gives a golden glow, but also firms and tones thanks to plant extracts and intensely hydrating moisturisers. Free from parabens and artificial colours, apply with upward strokes."



"Gradual 10 builds up to a subtle yet nut-like brown and is easy to apply."



"At last! A fake tan that doesn't smell of potatoes and biscuits. Great colour too."



Fast Tan

"Perfect if you want a quick, natural-looking tan. This self-tan liquid gives an instant bronze glow, and develops super-fast into a long-lasting tan."


Tan & Tone -"3 of the Best 2-in-1 Tans"

"A golden hue will certainly improve the appearance of dimply skin, but the combination of horse chestnut and butcher's broom in this lotion goes a step further. It boosts circulation and combats water retention, helping to smooth those bumpy bits, not just mask them."