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Why are these products being cleared?

The UK company that previously distributed Famous Dave products have ended their relationship with Famous Dave due to the introduction of new EU regulations which make importing US-manufactured Famous Dave products to the UK no longer possible. This same UK company also developed and manufactured the entire range of market-leading, award-winning UK self tan products that it previously made available to Famous Dave, however now this relationship has ended, the founders of the UK company have stopped offering their self tan formulations to Famous Dave and have re-launched them exclusively under their own new UK-based luxury natural beauty brand – 

The discontinuation of the UK self tans to the Famous Dave brand is purely a result of the two companies no longer working together and going their separate ways. It has nothing to do with 'poor formulations' as has been falsely claimed by Famous Dave in a highly unprofessional attempt to slander the new UK brand who own all the best-selling UK self tan formulations that have now been re-launched. These same formulations under the new For All My Eternity brand have already received glowing reviews in the press in 2014, and have been shortlisted as finalists in several national beauty awards, and also won an award for the best sunless tanner. 

The Famous Dave brand is currently being discontinued in the UK, and to clarify, Famous Dave has not re-launched, but the award-winning UK self tan formulations which made up 95% of the product range sold in the UK, have been re-launched under the new brand. 

The following top-rated industry-favourite natural and organic self tan formulations will no longer be available to Famous Dave in the future when they have sold out, and have been re-launched under For All My Eternity: Tanning Mousse Original and Gold Edition, Tan & Tone, Gradual 10 Lotion, Spray Tan, Sculpt & Smooth, Body Buffer, and Fast Tan.

We are pleased to inform you that the entire range is entirely paraben-free, SLS-free, alcohol-free, and is made using only the finest natural and organic ingredients.

Is this clearance stock outdated or expired?

No, all the stock we sell via this website is brand new, unused, and still well within its useable life. The products do not have an expiry date – they have a PAO (Period After Opening) which is the manufacturer's guarantee that the stock is suitable for use for up to the amount of time specified on the bottle. It is not in our company’s interest to sell expired or outdated stock as this would only result in unnecessary returns and unhappy customers. 

Do you offer any guarantees?

Yes, we know the stock we sell is in perfect, useable condition and are happy to stand by this. If you are not happy with your product for whatever reason, we will do our best to resolve any issues you may have, and if you are still unhappy you can return it to us within 7 days of purchase for a refund (please note we cannot refund postage). Please also note, you must contact us prior to returning any items to receive the correct return address and return reference number. 

So what happens once the stock has sold out?

As above, the best-selling UK self tan formulations are now exclusively available under the new UK luxury brand – For All My Eternity. If you wish to continue using the same self tan formulations mentioned above then please visit It is important to note that any new ‘replacement’ products launched by the Famous Dave brand are not manufactured by the original UK company who created all the award-winning best-sellers that are now available via For All My Eternity, and instead any ‘replacements’ will be completely new formulations made by a different manufacturer based somewhere in the USA.

If you are product loyal, then you can continue using the same formulations you have previously enjoyed now under the new For All My Eternity brand. If you are brand loyal then you can continue buying the Famous Dave clearance stock until it runs out, at which point they will no longer be available in the EU until such time Famous Dave complies with the strict new EU Cosmetics Directive governing the import and sale of USA-made cosmetics within the EU.

We hope this simplifies and clears up any confusion our own loyal customers may have been experiencing regarding these recent changes, we also apologise for the need to go into this in such detail to clarify the facts. Please enjoy your time grabbing a bargain or two with us whilst stocks last!


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Product Descriptions and Application Instructions

Famous Dave's Moisture Tan:
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Famous Dave's Tanning Mousse:
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Famous Dave's Spray Tan:
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Famous Dave's Fair Skin & Face:
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How dark do your self tanners get you compared to other fake tanners or in general?

These Tanners will get your skin as dark as you would like. Once applied, your colour will develop in about 3-4 hours. After that time, if you would like a darker tan, just re-apply. Please refer to the above colour guide.

How long do I need to wait before clothes can be put on? Will it get on my bed linen when I sleep?

Famous Dave's Moisture Tan, Fair Skin & Face Tanner, dry to the touch almost immediately as they are applied to the skin and dressing can occur within 5 minutes of the application. Famous Dave's Moisture Tan, and Fair Skin & Face Tanner do not rub out on sheets or clothing.

How about the problem with streaking?

Moisture Tan and Fair Skin & Face are different than most other products in that they are not gels or a greasy creams. These Tanning Lotions are creamy smooth lotions very similar in consistency to hand lotion. They apply very easily. However, remember self tanning products will tan you where you put them. If your application is haphazard and sloppy, so too will be your tan. No self-tanner will streak if it is applied evenly.

How long can you expect the colour to last before it wears off?

Spray Tan will last up to 7 days depending on your skin type. Tanning lotions: People are different although you can expect your colour to remain for up to 5 days. It will then begin to gradually lighten naturally until more is applied.

Will the tan come off in the pool or sea?

Chlorine and salt water tend to strip colour, however customers have reported that Moisture Tan will not come off in the pool or sea, provided that you exfoliate well before applying the product and moisturise daily.

Do these self tanning products contain sunscreen?

No, these products do not contain an SPF and do not therefore protect you from the sun. Wearing sunscreen is therefore essential.

Can I wear sunscreen whilst using tanning products?

As these products do not contain an SPF, using a high SPF factor sunscreen is essential. If you apply the self tan product onto clean, unmoisturised skin and allow it to fully absorb before applying sunscreen (or any other products), the sunscreen should not affect how the self tan develops or wears. Use an oil-free sunscreen if possible.

Does the tanner have colour in it so you can tell where to apply it?

The Spray Tan, Fast Tan and Moisture Tan Dark with Bronzer contain a guide colour to ensure even application. Because Moisture Tan and Fair Skin & Face Tanner go on so smoothly without streaking, there is no need for a colour additive.

How long do I need to leave it on before showering?

Your tan will start to develop over the 3-4 hours after application. We recommend you allow the product to develop on your skin for at least 7-8 hours, or longer if you wish to achieve a darker tan. Fast Tan will develop in just 1-2 hours, however you can leave it on for up to 4 hours if you want to achieve a darker tan.

Are these self tanning products suitable for the face?

These self tanning products work equally well on your face and body. What's great is that you only need a very small amount for your face.

Do your products work with really pale people?

These products work with most skin tones. Pale skin, yes. Pale skin redheads, many (but not 100%). We have many fair skinned customers that love to use self tan.

Do I need to exfoliate before tanning?

You should always exfoliate prior to self tanning because this will get rid of all the old dead skins cells (meaning you're tanning the newest layer of skin) and help ensure an even and longer-lasting tan.

I'm allergic to most fake tans and skincare products, they make me itchy and sore. Will your products cause the same reaction?

Some people have a reaction to dihydroxyacetone (DHA, i.e. the tanning agent) which is used in ALL self-tanners, including these tanning products. We do have many customers with sensitive skin who use Fair Skin & Face Tanner, which has less DHA in it. If you have had bad experiences with self-tanners in the past, we would recommend this product, however if it is the tanning agent DHA you are allergic to, unfortunately the Fair Skin & Face Tanner could also cause an allergic reaction. We encourage all customers with allergies to contact us before placing an order; full ingredient lists are available upon request.

Are these products tested on animals?

No. these products and ingredients are not tested on animals, and no animal derived ingredients are used.

Can self tan be used during pregnancy?

Always check with your GP. According to NHS, although there are no known dangers of using tanning products during pregnancy, they can sometimes cause an allergic reaction. Changes in hormone levels can make the skin more sensitive than normal. If you wish to use fake tan during pregnancy, test the product on a small area of skin first to see if you have a reaction.

Other products can leave your hands discoloured and I wondered if your tanners will do that?

Yes they can. ALL self-tanning products contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA). This is what tans you. It works by bonding with the protein in your skin. Provided your hands are washed thoroughly with soap and water for at least 30 seconds - immediately following application - NO self tanner will give you tanned palms.

Do I need to use a tanning mitt to apply your products?

We recommend using a tanning mitt because it makes application even easier and means you don’t get any product on the palms of your hands. It’s not a requirement, but we would recommend one. Alternatively you can use disposable vinyl gloves. If you are just using your hands to apply the product, make sure you wash them using hot soapy water straight away afterwards to remove the tan from your palms.

How do I tan the back of my hands if I need to wash them immediately following application?

If you don't have a tanning mitt, a good tip is to apply a small amount of tanner with cotton wool, sponge or a tissue onto the back of your hands after you have washed them; also wipe around your wrists to avoid any marks. Alternatively, apply a small amount of tan to the back of one hand and rub the back of both hands together. Then use a tissue to remove any tan from the palms and fingernails.

How should I store my self tanner?

We recommend storing your self tanner in a cool, dark place away from radiators, direct sunlight, and humid areas such as the bathroom.

Can I place an order over the phone?

Unfortunately we cannot currently take orders by phone.

Can you send me free samples?

Unfortunately not.

Where can I buy your products?

You can order all clearance products via our website.